Gazette Date: 11/11/2016

Last Date: 14/12/2016

Category No: 341/2016

(Part II – By Transfer)

Applications are invited through ‘One Time Registration’ facility from qualified candidates for selection to the under mentioned post. Candidates who have already registered can apply through their profile.

1. Department : Excise
2. Name of post : Civil Excise Officer (Trainee)
3. Scale of pay : O 20,000 – 45,800/-
4. Method of appointment : Recruitment By Transfer

Applications are invited from both male and female members of the Last Grade Service in the Excise Department who possess the required qualification, against the 3% vacancies earmarked for Recruitment By Transfer. In the absence of qualified Last Grade Employees in the Excise Department for such recruitment, the vacancies shall be filled up by direct recruitment from among male candidates.

5. Age : Shall not exceed 50 (fifty) years as on
6. Qualifications :-

I Must have passed the plus two examination or its equivalent. II Must have minimum height of 162 cms
III Must be certified by a Medical Officer not below the rank of an Assistant Surgeon as to his physique Fitness and capacity for active outdoor work.

The Medical Certificate has to be produced as and when called for.

(a) Civil Excise Officer (Trainee) shall not be appointed in the substantive post till the successful completion of basic training for a period of not less than six months, subject to the minimum of 180 working days as may be decided by the Commissioner of Excise. Persons undergoing basic training shall be paid stipend as may be fixed by the Government from time to time. All the persons who did not undergo basic training will be placed under orders of training within a period of two years and those who did not successfully complete the basic training shall not be considered for future promotion.

(b) Every person deputed for training shall execute a bond agreeing to complete the course of training and to serve the Government after training for such minimum period as may be specified by the Commissioner of Excise, failing which he shall be liable to refund the cost of training together with liquidated damage.

(c) Candidates applying for recruitment by transfer should enter the employment details in their profile and the printed Service Certificate, duly signed by the Head of Office should be uploaded in their profile.

Proforma for Service Certificate is also given below


1 Name of the Candidate :
2. Name of the post now held by the :
applicant with scale of pay
3. Name of the Department in which :
now working
4. Name of Service to which the :
applicant belongs
5. Date of commencement of Service :
and date of commencement of

6. Whether the applicant is probationer/ :
approved probationer or Full
member of the service.
7. Service particulars :
Sl. Name of Period Length of Service Date of
No. post declaration of
From To Year Month Days
Total Service

Certified that the above details in respect of Sri. ………………………………… who is a probationer/approved probationer/full member of the …………………………….. (name of service) have been verified by me with the service particulars as given in the Service Book of the candidate and that they are found correct.

Place Signature

Date: Name and Designation of the Head of Office

(Office Seal)

(d) The conditions laid down in sub para VII of the para 2 and para 5 of General conditions are not applicable for this post.

IV Must be certified to possess the visual standards specified below without glasses

Right Eye Left Eye
(a) Distant Vision 6/6 Snellen 6/6 Snellen
(b) Near Vision 0.5 Snellen 0.5 Snellen

(c) Each eye must have full field of vision, Colour blindness, squint or any other morbid condition of the eyes or lids or either eye will be deemed to be a disqualification

Medical Certificate from a Medical Officer not below the rank of an Assistant Surgeon/Junior Consultant should be produced at the time of Physical Efficiency Test/Endurance Test and should be uploaded in their profile at the time of Certificate verification. A format of Medical Certificate is give below.

I have this day medically examined Sri………………………………………………. (address) and found

that he has no disease or infirmity, which would render him unsuitable for Government Service. His age

according to his own statement is …………………………….. and by appearance is ……………………….. and

his standards of vision is as follows.


Standards of Vision

(without glasses)

Right Eye Left Eye

i) Distant Vision ………….Snellen ………… Snellen

ii) Near Vision ………….Snellen ………… Snellen

iii) Field of Vision …………………

(Specify whether field of vision is full or not. Entries such as Normal, Good etc are inappropriate here)

iv) Colour Blindness …………………………..

v) Squint…………………………..

vi) Any morbid condition of the eyes or lids of either eye ………………………….

He is Physically fit for the post of Civil Excise Officer in the Excise Department.

Place: Signature

Date : Name and Designation of the Medical Officer

(Office Seal)
Note: Details regarding standards of vision should be clearly stated in the Certificate as given above and vague statement such as Vision Normal/good will not be accepted. Specification for each eye should be stated separately. If the specification are not as indicated above, the officer issuing the Certificate should certify whether the candidate has got better standards of vision or worse standards of vision as the case may be, otherwise the Certificate will not be accepted.

V Must be free from apparent physical defects like knock knee, flat foot, varicose veins, bow legs, deformed limbs, irregular and protruding teeth, defective speech and hearing.

VI Must qualify in the Endurance Test of completing two kilometers race within 13
minutes for male candidates and the same distance within 15 minutes for female


VII Must qualify in any five events out of eight events specified below of the National
Physical Efficiency Test (One Star Standard Test)

For Male Candidates

Serial Events One Star Standard

1 100 Meters Race 14 Sec

2 High Jump 132.20 cm

3 Long Jump 457.20 cm

4 Putting the shot (7264 gm) 609.60 cm

5 Throwing the Cricket ball 6096 cm

6 Rope climbing (Hands only) 365.80 cm

7 Pull up or Chinning 8 times

8 1500 meter Race 5 Minutes 44 sec.

For Female Candidates

Serial No Events One Star Standard

1 100 Meters Race 17 Sec

2 High Jump 1.06 Meters

3 Long Jump 3.05 Meters

4 Putting the shot (4 kgs) 4.88 Meters

5 200 meters run 36 seconds

6 Throwing the throw ball 14 Meters

7 Shuttle Race (4 x 25 meters) 26 seconds

8 Skipping (One Minute) 80 Times.

The Physical measurement of candidates will be taken at the time of physical efficiency test/Endurance Test and those who do not possess the prescribed physical measurement will not be admitted for the physical efficiency test or endurance test. If accidents or injuries happen to a candidate while participating in the Physical Efficiency Test/Endurance Test, he will not be given further chance to participate in the test.

7. NCC Cadets having `A’ `B’ & `C’ Certificates will be given weightage marks at the rate of 2%, 3% and 5% respectively.

8. Candidates who are eligible to apply for both Direct Recruitment and Recruitment by Transfer need not select the same district for both categories. But they should submit separate applications for each category even if they selected the same district. Candidates who are included in both list under this notification and advised from

anyone of the list shall be deleted from the other list as per Rule 18 (iii) of the Kerala Public Service Commission Rules of Procedure.

9. Mode of submitting applications:-

Candidates must register as per ‘ONE TIME REGISTRATION’ with the official Website

of Kerala Public Service Commission www.keralapsc. before applying for the post. Candidates who have registered can apply by logging on to their profile using their User-ID and password. Candidates must click on the ‘Apply Now’ button of the respective posts in the Notification Link to applying for a post. The Photograph uploaded should be one taken on or after 31/12/2010. Name of the candidate and the date of taking photograph should be printed at the bottom portion. The photograph once uploaded meeting all requirements shall valid for 10 years from the date of uploading. There is no change in other instructions regarding the uploading of photographs. No application fee is required. Candidates shall take a printout of the application by clicking the link ‘Applications’ in their profile. Candidates are responsible for the correctness of the personal information and secrecy of password. Before the final submission of the application on the profile candidates must ensure correctness of the information on their profile. They must quote the User-ID for further communication with the Commission. Application submitted is provisional and cannot be deleted or altered after submission. The application will be summarily rejected if noncompliance with the notification is found in due course of processing. Documents to prove qualification, Experience, Community, age etc have to be produced as and when called for.

10. Last date of receipt of applications : 14.12.2016, Wednesday upto 12 midnight.

11. If Written Test/OMR Test is conducted as a part of the selection Admission Tickets for eligible candidates will be made available in their Profile for One Time Registration and the date of downloading will be included in the Examination Calender. Candidates can download Admission Ticket for 15 days from this date. Candidates who have downloaded the Admission Ticket will alone be permitted to attend the examination.

(For details with respect to photo, ID card etc please see the General Conditions given below as Part II of this Notification).