Full Time Junior Arabic Teacher


Gazette Date: 30/12/2016

Last Date: 01/02/2017

Category No: 533/2016 &534/2016


Applications are invited online only by `One Time Registration’ exclusively from qualified candidates belonging to O.X & Dheevara reservation groups of communities of Kerala state for the under mentioned post.

1. Department : Education
2. Name of post : Full Time Junior Language Teacher (Arabic) – LPS
3. Scale of pay : ` 11,620 – 20,240/- (P.R)
4. Number of vacancies : District wise
OX – Thiruvananthapuram – 01 (One) Cat No.533/2016 Dheevara – Thiruvananthapuram – 01 (One) Cat No.534/2016

(Renotification of the post notified as Cat. No. 488/14 in the Gazette dated 25.11.2014 and as Cat. No. 187/15 in the Gazette dated 11.06.2015).

Note :- i) Conventional type applications for the above post will be summarily rejected. Candidates shall apply online only on www.keralapsc.gov.in.

ii) Applications submitted by candidates belonging to the communities other than those
notified will be summarily rejected. No rejection memo will be issued.
iii) A Ranked list will be prepared for Thiruvananthapuram district in pursuance of this
notification. Ranked List thus prepared and published as per this notification shall
remain in force until candidates are advised and appointed against the vacancies
earmarked for the above community, but remain unfilled due to paucity of candidates
during the currency of the Ranked List published for the post in the following district.

Name of District Date of publication of Ranked List Category No.

Thiruvananthapuram 30.3.2010 117/2007

iv) Reservation community candidates shall submit application for the post to the
concerned district where the vacancy is in existing for their respective community and
shall note the name of that district against the relevant column in the online
v) The selection in pursuance of this notification will be made on a revenue district basis,
subject to the special conditions laid down in G.O (Ms) No. 154/71/PD dated,
27.05.1971. A candidate advised for appointment in one revenue district from the
Ranked List prepared is not eligible for transfer to another district. Even if transfer is
allowed after five years, it will be subject to the rules in G.O(MS) No.4/61/PD dated,
02.01.1961. Candidates already in Government service holding this post in any one
district are prohibited from applying again for this post, but they can apply to higher
posts when notified.

5. Method of appointment : Direct Recruitment (from candidates belonging to OX and

Dheevara communities only).

6. Age Limit : 1) 18 – 43. Only candidates born between 02.01.1973 and

01.01.1998 (both dates included) are eligible to apply for this

post in the case of Dheevara candidates. [Including the
relaxation as per para 2 (i) of General Conditions].
2) 18 – 45. Only candidates born between 02.01.1971 and
01.01.1998 (both dates included) are eligible to apply for this

post in the case of OX candidates who have converted to
Christianity from Scheduled Caste communities after attaining

the age of eighteen years and children of such parents.

[Including the relaxation as per para 2 (i) of General
Note :- For concessions allowed in upper age limit, subject to the condition that the maximum age limit shall in no case exceed 50 years, please see para (2) of the General Conditions under Part II of this Notification except para 2 (i).

7. Qualifications:-


A degree in Arabic conferred or recognized by the Universities in Kerala.


A Title of Oriental Learning in Arabic awarded or recognized by the Universities in Kerala.


A Pass in Pre-Degree with Part III Arabic (Special Optional) of the Calicut University.


A pass in SSLC Examination conducted by the Commissioner for Government Examinations, Kerala with Arabic under Part I and II first Language.


(A) A pass in SSLC examination conducted by the Commissioner for Government Examinations, Kerala or its equivalent ; and any one of the following qualifications.

(B) 1) A Pass in Arabic Munshi Examination (Higher) conducted by the Commissioner for

Government Examination, Kerala.

2) A Pass in Arabic Munshi Examination (Lower) conducted by the Commissioner for Government Examinations, Kerala.

3) A Pass in Arabic Teachers Examination conducted by the Commissioner for Govt. Examinations, Kerala.

4) A pass in Arabic Entrance Examination of the Kerala / Calicut Universities. Note : Rule 10 (a) (ii) of Part II of the KS & SSR will be applicable for this post.

(i) Preference will be given as laid down in G.O.(MS) No. 50/70/PD dated 12.02.1970 and G.O.(MS) No. 9/78/G.Edn. Dated 21.01.1978 to the wives of Jawans in the matter of recruitment as Teachers, if they possess the prescribed qualifications. Soldiers in active service and those working in Base Establishment are included under the term `Jawans’. Wives of Jawans should note in the application that they are wives of Jawans. Such candidates should obtain proper certificates from the Officer Commanding stating the name, military rank and military address of their husbands and produce the same as and when required by the Commission (G.O (MS) No. 509/64/Edn. Dated 19.09.1964, G.O.(MS) No. 614/65/Edn. Dated 09.11.1965 and G.O (MS) No. 243/66/Edn. Dated 27.05.1966).

(ii) First Class Scouts and Guides will be given preference in the matter of appointment

as Teachers (G.O (MS) No. 122/75/G.Edn. Dated 27.05.1975) and GO(MS) No. 50/70/PD dated 12.02.1970.

Note: The candidates who claim age relaxation by virtue of any of the reason mentioned in Para 2 of the General Condition should state “Are you eligible for age relaxation” as “yes” on the online application and give details in the space following otherwise the applications are liable to be rejected presuming that they are over aged candidates. Upper age limit after allowing the relaxation as per rule should not exceed 50 years of age (see para 2 of General Conditions).

9. Mode of Sending Application :

Candidates must register as per “ ONE TIME REGISTRATION” with the Official Website of Kerala Public Service Commission ‘www.keralapsc.gov.in’ before applying for the post. Candidates who have registered can apply by logging in to their profile using their User-ID and password. Candidates must click on the `Apply Now’ button of the respective posts in the Notification Link to apply for a post. The photograph uploaded should be one taken after 31/12/2010. Name of the candidate and the date of taking photograph should be printed at the bottom portion. The photograph once uploaded meeting all requirements shall valid for 10 years from the date of uploading. There is no change in other instructions regarding the uploading of photographs. No application fee is required. Candidates shall take a printout of the application by clicking the link Registration Card in their profile. Candidates are responsible for the correctness of the personal information and secrecy of password. Before the final submission of the application on the profile, candidates must ensure the correctness of the information on their profile. They must quote their User-ID for further

communication with the Commission. Application submitted is provisional and cannot be deleted or altered after submission. The Application will be summarily rejected if noncompliance with the notification is found in due course of processing. Documents to prove Qualification, experience, Community, age etc. have to be produced as and when called for. “Candidates who have AADHAAR card should add AADHAAR card as I.D. Proof in their profile”.

10. Last Date for receipt of applications : 01.02.2017 Wednesday upto 12.00 Midnight.

11. Address to which applications are to be sent : www.keralapsc.gov.in.

12. If a Written Test/OMR/Online Test is conducted as a part of this selection, Admission Ticket for eligible candidates will be made available in their Profile for One Time Registration and the date of downloading will be included in the Examination Calendar. Candidates can download Admission Ticket for 15 days from this date. Candidates who have downloaded the Admission Ticket will alone be permitted to attend the examination.

(For details, including photo, ID Card etc please see the General Conditions given below as Part II of this Notification)