Field Officer Rank List 2016-Thiruvananthapuram


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S.L.No. 72/16/ER IX Thiruvananthapuram,
Category No. 383/2012 Dated:14/03/2016
The following is the Short List containing the Register Numbers of candidates who are found provisionally eligible to be called for interview for selection to the post of

FIELD OFFICER (NCA-OBC) on Rs.4000-6090/- (PR) in KERALA FOREST DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION LTD.(Category No.383/2012) published in the
Gazette dated 16/07/2012 and on the basis of the OMR Test held on 11/02/2014 and Physical Measurement and Physical Efficiency Test held from 28/09/2015 to 01/10/2015,03/10/2015, 05/10/2015 and Remeasurement held thereafter.

The Register numbers are arranged in their numerical sequence and the arrangement does not in any way indicate their respective rank on the basis of the said test. Each Register Number shall be prefixed by the alphabet ‘S’ indicating statewide selection.

100045 100081 100237
The candidates who were found fit and qualified in the Physical Efficiency Test and Physical Measurement held on 28/09/2015, 29/09/2015,30/09/2015, 01/10/2015, 03/10/2015 & 05/10/2015, Remeasurement on 12/10/2015 have been included in the list.

Note :-

1) Inclusion of Register Numbers in this Short list is purely provisional subject to scrutiny and admission of applications on absolute basis.
2) Inclusion of Register Numbers in the List does not confer any right on the candidate to be called for interview or for further stages of selection, if any, and subsequent inclusion in the Ranked List.

3) The date,Time and place of interview will be intimated in due course.

According to the existing procedure, revaluation of answer script is not allowed.
But the re-checking of the answer scripts will be allowed only after the approval of the
Ranked List. Copy of the Answer Script of the OMR Test held on 11/02/2014 will be issued to those candidates who apply for the same remitting the prescribed fee after the publication of the Ranked List. (Fee rates : Answer script re-checking – Rs. 75/-, Photocopy of Answer script – Rs.300/-)


Kerala Public Service Commission.

Office of the Kerala Public Service Commission,
Pattom, Thiruvananthapuram-4.

Approved for issue,
Section Officer.