PSC Candidates conditions

Warning to Candidates

Candidates who are found guilty of the following items of misconduct shall be liable for disqualification, for being considered for a particular post or department from applying to the Commission either permanently or for any period OR the invalidation of their answer scripts or products in a written/practical test OR the initiation of criminal or other proceedings against them OR their removal or dismissal from office OR imposing of any other disciplinary action against them if they have been appointed OR any one or more of the above.

(i) Any attempt by or on behalf of candidates applying for selection by the Commission to influence the Chairman or any Member of the Commission or the Experts or Examiners who assist the Commissioner OR to canvass support of their selection.

(ii) Any attempt to influence the staff of the Office of the Commission to do any undue favour to them OR to divulge any information which is to be kept secret until it is officially released under the Orders of the Commission.

(iii) Making of any false statement in the application form or any document produced in connection, with selection or supperssion of any material fact relevant to the selection from the Commission.

(iv) Production of any false or tampered document before the Commission or the tampering with any document produced before the Commission in connection with a selection after their production .

(v) Any attempt to prefer any false complaint before the Commission about a rival candidate in a selection.

(vi) Making any false allegation against the Chairman or any other Member of the Commission or any Expert or Examiner who assist the Commission or any Member of the staff of the Commission in connection with a selection.

(vii) Any improper behaviour in connection with any interview or examination held by the Commission.

(viii) Tampering with any answer book in an examination conducted by the Commission or writing, anything in such answer book in any manner which in the opinion of the Commission would lead to the identification of the candidate against the instructions cantained in the answer book.
(ix) Any other conduct which in the opinion of the Commission, is likely to affect the fair and selection of candidates by the Commission.

(x) Submitting applications with false information such as bogus address,name,uploading of image other than that of the applicant etc.